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Tim Blair White is a business oriented CIO with over 25 years experience helping mid-size businesses achieve their technology goals.

Personally Delivered by a Business CIO

Learn Why ERP is a Strategic Choice

Modern ERP solutions are more than just "back office" systems but address critical strategic expansion plans.

Cut Through the Sales Pitch

ERP sales people are very effective at pitching their solution: cut through the hyperbole and make the right decisions.


Learn the six most important elements when selecting an ERP solution for the long-term and avoid the technology maze!

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ERP Selection is Long-term

ERP selection teams can get bogged down in the endless technology maze of ERP features and functionality requirements without taking a strategic long-term view.

Leverage the hard-won knowledge of an experienced CIO to help you select the right ERP solution for your business!

Tim is a catalyst for growth at our company by selecting the right technology, putting the right people on tasks, and completing projects on budget and on time. He has the skill of a Business Executive to see the business needs and requirements while interfacing with the many technology options presented to us.

Paul Harney

Chief Operating Officer, eRepublic, Inc.

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